Wednesday, February 1, 2017


January was all about Kamaile! Our sweet little girl was baptized this month. This being our second to get baptized it sure went a lot more smoothly as we knew what to expect. She and daddy did great we all felt the Spirit. It is an amazing feeling to see your children choosing the right. We did simple decorations and made sugar cookie CTR and 8's. Kalei played interlude while Kamaile got dressed and even played the closing song with Grandma Helen leading the music. It was a wonderful night.

Kamaile had a lot of celebrations this month on top of her baptism. She had a mini bday party just having some friends over for a snow date. Daddy got creative and pulled them on sleds behind the 4-wheeler. It was a fun day to spend with friends. For her classroom treat we took in cake-pops and some chocolate dipped pretzels. She was lucky to even get a classroom party with the weather we have been having. School has been on and off all winter missing about 2 weeks total of school. We have had a lot of ice storms as well. The church parking lot was an ice rink, literally!, i put on my skates and tried it out! It was good she did snow activities at her party because we sure had a lot of it. For her family dinner everyone came off for a Shrimp-off. Lots and lots of shrimp prepared all kinds of ways, she was in heaven.

This month we also went to a family pinewood derby night. We had a lot of fun measuring, weighting, and decorating our cars. They looked super cool but lost horribly.... embarrassingly. But hey we did it as a family and had some fun with it.

The girls also finished up their BBall camp. They love the high school camp because they get to know the HS girls. Its a wonderful camp where they learn tons of skills.

We also celebrated Chinese New Year.... and the only picture I took was of me next to the food. Hahaha.

Sunday, January 1, 2017


The beginning of December we have our annual Rodeback Coco-Countdown. After visiting the Community Nativity checking out Nativities from around the world and getting a family Nativity picture, we headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's house for of course hot chocolate, cookie making, and everyone received their ornament from G&G. Fun night to celebrate the Saviors birth and spend time with family.

The Second week of December we took a trip to Las Vegas. While Josh was in his continuing education classes the Jackson's and I hit the town! He didn't have to be in class all the time and we were able to enjoy some fun things together. There was so much to do and see there that we will defiantly need a few more trips. As with most trips we take, food was at the top of the list for me. Vegas has amazing food and even the basics were done well. Some of the highlights were Buddy's Bakery for lobster rolls, Guy Fieri's for truffle fries, and Jean Philippe's French Bakery for crepes. Yummmm. Josh also agreed to satisfy my adventurous side, haha. I jumped off the Stratosphere hotel. It was super scary and there was a point on the edge I tried to back out but I did it and it was awesome! I was seriously shaking when I got to the bottom but totally worth it! We did some other fun things like caught a Cirque de Soleil show, go to Hoover Dam, visit the Las Vegas Temple, test tasted Coke products from around the world, go to a Duke vs UNLV bball game, and visit Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. It was such a fun trip with great friends we had a blast.

 This month I was also fortunate to be able to attend both girls Christmas parties. I had fun in both classrooms helping the girls create their gingerbread houses. Kamaile went with a Tree House Fort complete with soldiers and guards while Kalei went with a cute log cabin. I love how creative they are. Kazen was super happy to join Kamaile during her gingerbread making but was more concerned about the eating part! I was also able to visit Kamaile's class again to work on an Elf Ornament craft a different day. Josh and I were also able to catch Kalei's class performance of How the Grinch Stole Christmas which was super cute. Kalei played Whoville person #11.

December we also celebrated Josh's birthday! We enjoyed another Star Wars movie and an ice cream cake with family.

 Christmas was great and our family was very blessed. Kalei got to do the honors of putting the star on the tree. At a ward party the kids made this super cute Savior craft. I had to include this picture of Kazen after he opened his present from santa. He was very excited to receive so many Darth Vader presents, he's not upset just getting into the Darth Vader spirit! Our family also participated in the Church's "Light the World" campaign. Every day leading up to Christmas we were challenged to "do good" and "light the world." There was a coordinating ornament for each day with the challenge on it. It was a great way to focus our efforts on the Savior and the true reason for the season. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016


November has slowed down for ourfamily quite a bit. Kalei finished up basketball and had a fun pizza party with her team.

Adyson was baptized this month and we had a great time going to support her.

Thanksgiving was very fun as we celebrated at the Rodebacks and then went to Randys. We also went to the movies and watched Moana.

Friday night we did our Bruce sleep over at the office. Lots of Rock Band, Just Dance, games, and movies. We stayed up till probably 2am!

Kazen had his preschool trip to the Firestation.

Kalei finished another quilt this month. A Seahawks baby blanket.

It was also family picture month. Love our family!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


October just like September was very busy. Most of our sporting activities finished up this month. Kazen enjoyed be on his very first soccer team. He was so cute running around and enjoying being on the field. In his very first soccer game he scored his first goal! It was a very funny play, the ball was thrown in right to him and he dribbled it all the way to the goal and scored. Everyone else on the field ran the wrong way so he was very confused that he was the only one on that side of the field, thinking he had done something wrong. Once he saw us cheering he knew he had done the right thing!

Kamaile finished up her soccer season as well. She has improved so much and it was good to see her out there was girls her own age. She had a great coach this season and she improved a lot. At her first game she scored 5 of the 6 goals in her first game. She was surprised at how easy it was to get around people. She even had a few games of being goalie and enjoyed that as well. We are so proud of her progress and hard work.

Kalei finished up volleyball this month. It was good to see her out there doing something new and developing new skills. She is excited to try it again next year.

In the middle of the month Kalei started team basketball. Her coach made her point guard and she has been trying to develop her skills. She has been practicing crossovers and how to run fast while dribbling. She has also done extremely well with shooting too. Last year she didn't  score a single basket but in her first couple games she lead her team in scoring! She was excited that all her hard work is finally paying off.

The girls finished up their tennis camp this month too. They absolutely loved it. Their coach was amazing and taught them great fundamentals while making things really fun. Half of the reason we signed up for the second camp was because the coach makes it so fun. At the end of every camp they do a game for a prize. Kalei won 4 weeks in a row! At the beginning of the camp they could not get it over the net but now they can volley back and forth with one another. Josh and I were inspired by their camp and went out with friends to play as well. We are excited that the girls like it and cant wait to play with them when they are older.

Besides being busy with sports we had some fun weekends too! We went to Spokane for the weekend and enjoyed the Chinese Lantern Festival. So much fun, the lights were awesome and the show they did was really good. The kids all did really well and liked walking around.
We also went to an Egyptian exhibit which was really fun! We got to do some hands on family things and the girls got to see replicas of their namesakes. We even took home some souvenirs.

We did another Sports Weekend for Randy's birthday. We took the girls with us this time. We went to an Eastern Football game and a Spokane Cheif's Hockey Game. It was a long day so much fun. We hope to keep the Sports Weekend Tradition.

October is also Pumpkin Time! We had fun going to the pumpkin patch in Othello. Even though it rained we still had a lot of fun. They had a apple sling shot thing that was pretty fun. The next weekend was our Halloween Party. Everyone had a good time carving their pumpkins. We chose our costume theme last year and I was so excited. We had 4 turtles, Kalei/Leo, Kamaile/Donny, Kazen/ Raf, and Kaiden/Mikey, Josh as Casey Jones, and Crystal as Shredder. I was so excited to put them together and I think it turned out great! I love that our kids still agree to do family themes. Kaiden had a good time this year as it was his first time going door to door. He only had a couple spills but had fun overall.

We welcomed our 1st boy cousin.... Easton! We are very excited to welcome him to the world!

This month was also Jog a Thon. Even though it was mommy's commitment, the whole family worked hard to make this day extra special for Longview Elementary. One of the themes for spirit week to get ready for the Jog a Thon was color wars. We had a lot of fun dressing the girls up in their colors! Gray vs Green! They both looked amazing!

Saturday, October 1, 2016


September is Birthday Month! I celebrated my birthday with a camping trip up past Leavenworth! All the Bruce's joined the fun. It was cold and raining but we had some fun. We started on Friday in Leavenworth with a brat at my favorite place Munchen Haus. On Saturday we woke up and did some hiking. In total we hiked almost 8miles that day... with kids! We tried to put the boys in the wagon but the trail was for horses not a wagon... Kaiden didn't do very well and started puking in the morning. He pretty much puked the whole day... not very fun. Then it started raining in the middle of the day and we had to stay in the tent for awhile. Lots of memories

The next weekend we drove to the other side of the mountains to hike Mt. St. Helens! I though the Spartan Sprint we did the previous month was the hardest thing I had ever done but this defiantly took the cake! It was windy and long.... We did it though and didn't give up. I would say about 1/2 the hike I was having fun and the other half I was cursing Josh for putting it into my head. The top was cloudy and unimpressive except for the fact that I knew I was on top of a volcano! It has been checked off the bucket list never to be done again. :)

Kaiden's Birthday was our next big adventure of the month. He doesn't talk much but we all knew what would make him happy. Thomas the Train!! We had family over and had all his favorites. Meatloaf and a Peanut Butter and Jelly cake! We turned dinner into a meatloaf cook-off. We had 7 different meatloafs! It turns out Grandma Helen makes the best meatloaf! Kaiden had fun at his party and got lots of new Thomas toys. In total 3 of our 4 kids have had Thomas the Train parties. Kamaile was the only exception, she was never into it.

In case you thought it was a slow month you were mistaken! We have been running around to Tennis camp, Kazen soccer, Kamaile soccer, and Kalei volleyball while still maintaining piano twice a week and sewing once a week for Kalei. When September hits its full speed ahead until the end of the year!

Thursday, September 1, 2016


At the beginning of the month Josh and I did our first Spartan Run. It was a family event as Nicole, Claire, and Randy ran with us. It was almost 4miles of pain! We climbed over walls, carried sandbags and buckets of gravel, climed a rope, threw a javelin, and lots of other crazy stuff. It was extremely difficult but worth the accomplishment! We actually cant wait to do it again! Hahaha. Since our run was in Portland we got to see Great Grandpa and Grandma Rodeback. The kids had fun playing with them while we were at our run.

Kalei did a gymnastics camp this month. She had a lot of fun meeting new girls and practicing some of her skills she has learned on the playground from her friends. Her goal was to be able to do a cartwheel.... she still cant but we discovered that she can climb a rope! Her upper body strength is really impressive, and it doesn't hurt that she is so thin.

This month Josh and I did another round of coed Softbal
l. It was fun to be around friends all the time and do something competitive. The office even gave us some legit jerseys! We did pretty well through the season but we really struggled getting people to all the games. We made it to the top bracket but lost every game..... :( there is always next year.

It was also fair month! We love to enter things into the fair. Kalei entered in her blue dress and a Noah's ark stuffed animal toy. Kamaile made homemade bread for the first time! I entered in my broccoli and salsa. Everyone ended up taking first place! We had a good time going around and seeing everyones entries. Kamaile got a special prize for her bread. She won an apron, yeast, and oven mitt! She was so excited. Kalei got a special aware too "Most Difficult" for her dress. The girls were also able to go out with dad and spend the night riding rides with dad and uncle Jake. A tradition that they look forward to. At a magic show we watched Kalei go chosen to be his assistant! She was such a good sport and did a great job. 

This was also a big month for Kamaile. At her check up in January the doctor mentioned that she might need glasses in the future but to just wait until Kamaile says something. Well around that time she went to a birthday party and got a pair of fake glasses. Ever since then she has begged for glasses. We tired to convince her that wearing glasses was not fun. Well we come to August and the complaints have not stopped. She insisted that she needed glasses and that things were hard for her to see. I finally gave in. If I had to spend $60 for the doctor to tell her she didn't need glasses it was worth it! Unfortunately he told her SHE DID NEED GLASSES!!! Apparently she has "football" shaped eye balls. Making it difficult for her to read..... When I say this is the best day of her life it might be an understatement. She picked out some cute yellow glasses and we waited for them to come in. When they finally did I tried them out. It was so blurry I though for sure they messed up her prescription. When she put them on all she said was WOA! I knew it, wrong prescription..... instead she just said "I can see!" So super mom fail, but we had a good talk about it. I thought she was just complaining because she "wanted" glasses not because she "needed" glasses. She loves them though and is excited to joint the "cool" crowd. Hahahaha

The very last day of the month the girls went back to school. We now have a 2nd Grader and a 4th Grader. It always makes me sad to start another year. They are growing too fast! They were excited to see their teachers Ms. Ledeboer and Ms. McIntyre and to see their bus driver CRAIG who for all of last year they called GREG... hahaha!

Other things that have kept us busy this week: Girls had a week long soccer camp! Tennis camp every Monday, Pinao and Sewing every week too! We went to Secret Life of Pets in Ephrata and the girls got to go to a painting class at the Art Garden. We also went out to Royal City and spent the night on Aunt Elanie's lawn to watch the metor shower. Not that impressive but the kids had fun. Grandpa Rodeback and Tristan even came out to watch with us. Remember how Kazen is allergic to mosquitos. Well they had their way with him and he was down for the count the next day with bug bites all over his body. Poor boy! Josh also went on a High Accenture
with the scouts.